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स्कूल चले

The main motive of Paathshala is to focus on education in rural area where kids are untouched with education. In radios of every 5 km there are approx 100 kids who don’t go to school .The reasons might be different as -uneducated parents or unavailability of basic needs. But quoting only problems wasn’t going to solve our purpose. So we came out with a campaign. स्कूल चले – We chalked out a plan to visit parents to their doorstep along with stationary. So that we could educate them to send kids to school. Execution- We prepared ourselves along with a dedicated team of 12 volunteers and readied 5oo EDUCATIONAL KIT ( copy+pen+slate+pencil+Manohar pothi+Bag). Our Educational kit was a complete package for someone to begin study. We drove off early in the morning and met with almost 200 parents in consecutive days. A quick motivational meeting with parents and kids was our plan .We educated them about benefits of education and how it can help to change their lives. In this process we could meet around 500 Kids and equipped them with the Educational Kit. Results- We were glad to see that 70 new kids came to Paathshala to start their journey of an educated child. The effect was surprisingly positive and cheering .In less than a Week we had approx 120 new students at Centre.


In today’s educational module , there is no better scope of academic study without computer knowledge. Still in rural area there are many schools which are not equipped with computer and other smart gadgets. Thus student completing their initial schooling remain blank in the field of computer. To facilitate basic computer basic computer knowledge we started a programme named ज्ञान.It is a free computer course in which they are taught basics of computer. In our very first batch we imparted computer education to 45 girls and there are many more undergoing through this initiative.


Unavailability of library in rural area is a common aspect .Finding books other than academic holds no importance for kids residing in villeges.But a Library helps to explore different types of books and environment. By realizing the above mentioned situation we started working on this issue: We started a campaign to collect old Books which is no longer required by someone.”Give what you don’t need, To someone in need”. Through the movement we could teach value of books to people in rural area and collected more than 600 Books. After little maintenance books were kept in Library for all. There is management of different newspaper and magazines on daily/weekly/monthly basic . Without charging any fee we are happy to extent our support. On frequent basis People of all age group visit the library and explore variety of books.

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We are heading towards setting milestone in the field of education in RURAL area and spreading educa

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