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"Paathshala" is the land where we give wings to dreams. Here we serve smiles by giving the quality of education to the innocent and poor kids. Here education is a boon, not the challenge therefore we say... Paathshala was founded in 2017 with a vision to provide quality education to underprivileged section of society which remain Unnoticed in this materialistic world. And at present, we have a well-qualified team of teachers who are always ready to shape small kids dreams as well as the future. Education holds a pivotal role in shaping future of an individual as well as society .With Paathshala .We love to educate those who get inhuman life in lack of education. Taking a note on current Educational condition in rural area, Where school with electricity is rare talking of Computer is Far away. We believe that 'Education Shouldn't be made dependent on Facilities', we are committed to provide parallel Qualities of those schools in rural Area. Through expansion of our vision we will touch maximum number of Kids in rural Area of country. We are just a mediator which providing a path to all children to get good education and find a good way to achieve a good place in their life. At Paathshala we always think that every child is special and education is first thing which will be given to every one. And at the same time we are running "Child Begging Free India" (started by Ashish Sharma) as well as "Stop Child Labour" campaign in nearby areas and forcing every child to school because we believe in - "Shape Dreams, Save Future" Also, in the future, we are looking to strengthen our team because we aim to take our initiatives to heights and will try to connect more rural areas in the upcoming months as well as years. Therefore we say - "Be the power and serve the Dreams"


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We are heading towards setting milestone in the field of education in RURAL area and spreading education because we think education is only one thing that can remove corruption, unemployment, and environmental problems.Culture is defined as complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom, tradition, folk ways, religion, literature and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society.To ensure that all students have a free education, common curriculum, opportunities for diverse students to attend the same school, and equality of financial expenditure in a given locality.

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We are heading towards setting milestone in the field of education in RURAL area and spreading educa

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